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Become a Little Warrior!

CAK’s Preschool Program


Early learning experiences impact intelligence by promoting brain connections through enhanced learning and play. CAK’s preschool program focuses on the whole child in a variety of developmentally appropriate and creative learning spaces. Our program is designed to encourage and strengthen a child’s social-emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth. Beginning math concepts and literacy skills are instructed and assessed in each of our programs. We promote physical activity, play, and arts throughout our day. Research supports that children enrolled in preschool are more likely to have better motor and coordination skills, increased self-esteem, and likely to remain active as they grow older.
Exposure to inventive and interactive learning through independent and supervised activities is designed to engage the whole child and spark a love for learning. Focusing on a child’s development and working closely with families to achieve customized goals affords us with the tools needed to navigate the most appropriate path to kindergarten.
We offer different preschool classes at CAK to fit your child’s individual needs with different options. Our Pre-K program has a 3 or 5 day option. While our Junior K is a 5-day program intently focused on preparing your child for a successful kindergarten year. All classes meet from 8 am -1 pm with the exception of Warrior Wednesdays (class begins at 9am).
Our program offers a Preschool Extended Care option from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m, which includes enrichment opportunities such as P.E., arts and crafts, library, Tots music and basketball, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). CAK also offers an Aftercare option from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.  There are also several options for preschool dismissal
Feel free to set up a tour with our Admissions office, 865-813-4CAK /
  • Click HERE for more information on Pre-K
  • Click HERE for more information on Junior K
All three programs offer:
  • Small class sizes
  • Engaging centers
  • In-class technology (iPads and interactive whiteboards)
  • Comprehensive Bible curriculum with appropriate integrations across all content areas
  • Preschool Chapel
  • In-house field trips through the Knoxville Zoo
  • Enrichment class once a day; Library, Spanish, Music, Art, and PE
*Birthday alone does not determine a child’s readiness to enter kindergarten or a specific preschool class. At CAK, we seek to position your child for success by partnering with families to discuss all options. In addition, trusted assessments are utilized to develop the best plan for each student. To enroll, parents must submit a completed application with all required forms. After review of the application, a family interview will be arranged. Admission to the program follows a recommendation to our Board of Trustees. Thank you for your interest in our school.