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Faculty and Staff Directory

List of 134 members.

  • Photo of Meg Brown

    Meg Brown 

    Admissions Coordinator
  • Photo of Darcie Cotten

    Darcie Cotten 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Kimberly Evers

    Kimberly Evers 

    ES- Kindergarten
  • Photo of Lori Acosta

    Lori Acosta 

    MS - Academic Center
  • Photo of Amanda Aldmon

    Amanda Aldmon 

    HS - ACT Prep and Academic Center Tutor
  • Photo of Jevaughn Barnes

    Jevaughn Barnes 

    HS - Wellness
  • Photo of Julie Barton

    Julie Barton 

    ES - Junior K
  • Photo of Christa Bennett

    Christa Bennett 

    HS - Psychology and History
  • Photo of Carissa Blackburn

    Carissa Blackburn 

    ES - 3rd Grade
  • Photo of Mindy Blankenship

    Mindy Blankenship 

    ES - 4th Grade
  • Photo of Kirsty Bleyl

    Kirsty Bleyl 

    HS - English
  • Photo of Caitlin Bonds

    Caitlin Bonds 

    ES - Art
  • Photo of Bridgette Boudreaux

    Bridgette Boudreaux 

    HS- Physics, Chemistry and Engineering
  • Photo of Les Bridgeman

    Les Bridgeman 

    HS- Counselor (11th & 12th)
  • Photo of Francie Brown

    Francie Brown 

    HS- English
  • Photo of Olivia Bullock

    Olivia Bullock 

    Director of Bands & MS Academic Center Coordinator
  • Photo of Trevor Bullock

    Trevor Bullock 

    Database Administrator
  • Photo of Aaron Carter

    Aaron Carter 

    IT Specialist
  • Photo of Craig Carter

    Craig Carter 

    MS - Science
  • Photo of Veronne Carter

    Veronne Carter 

    HS - Bible
  • Photo of Lindsay Case

    Lindsay Case 

    MS- Math
  • Photo of Sarah Coleman

    Sarah Coleman 

    ES - 5th Grade
  • Photo of Craig Collier

    Craig Collier 

    Director of Development
  • Photo of Angela Crider

    Angela Crider 

    ES - 5th Grade
  • Photo of Justin Crowder

    Justin Crowder 

  • Photo of Sarah Cummings

    Sarah Cummings 

    ES - Music
  • Photo of Glen Davenport

    Glen Davenport 

    Director of Christian Life
  • Photo of Melissa Davenport

    Melissa Davenport 

    MS - History
  • Photo of Amanda Day

    Amanda Day 

    MS - Bible
  • Photo of Jon Day

    Jon Day 

    HS - Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Laura Elliott

    Laura Elliott 

    HS - Spanish
  • Photo of Tamra Ellis

    Tamra Ellis 

    HS- English and History
  • Photo of Ried Estus

    Ried Estus 

    ES- Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Ashley Farrington

    Ashley Farrington 

    ES- Librarian
  • Photo of Meredith Fawver

    Meredith Fawver 

    CAK Outfitters Manager
  • Photo of Jaime Fierley

    Jaime Fierley 

    MS - Bible
  • Photo of Christy Fischer

    Christy Fischer 

    ES- Teachers Aide
  • Photo of Kelli Fowler

    Kelli Fowler 

    ES - Spanish
  • Photo of Lynette Fowler

    Lynette Fowler 

    MS - Principal
  • Photo of Deborah Fraser

    Deborah Fraser 

    HS - Chemistry and Biology
  • Photo of Richard Fulford

    Richard Fulford 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Kimberly Giles

    Kimberly Giles 

    ES - Principal
  • Photo of Kerri Goin

    Kerri Goin 

    ES - Preschool Teachers Aide
  • Photo of Lenore Gooden

    Lenore Gooden 

    MS - English
  • Photo of Sharon Goodman

    Sharon Goodman 

    MS - English
  • Photo of Terri Hankins

    Terri Hankins 

    ES - Teachers Aide
  • Photo of Amanda Harb

    Amanda Harb 

    ES - Kindergarten
  • Photo of Cindy Harpending

    Cindy Harpending 

    HS - Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Brittany Hart

    Brittany Hart 

    ES- Kindergarten
  • Photo of Mikal Hensarling

    Mikal Hensarling 

    IT Manager
  • Photo of Heather Hensley

    Heather Hensley 

    ES - Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Diana Holden

    Diana Holden 

    Director of Libraries and Academic Technology
  • Photo of Larry Holden

    Larry Holden 

    HS- Social Sciences
  • Photo of Barbara Houser

    Barbara Houser 

    Student Records Coordinator
  • Photo of Ashley Hughey

    Ashley Hughey 

    HS - Algebra 2
  • Photo of Kristi Hulsey

    Kristi Hulsey 

    Aftercare Program Director
  • Photo of Kaki  Hurley

    Kaki  Hurley  

    HS - Bible
  • Photo of Ray Ishak

    Ray Ishak 

    HS- Mathematics
  • Photo of Kelly Jelks

    Kelly Jelks 

    Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Kimberly Jenkins

    Kimberly Jenkins 

    ES - 2nd Grade
  • Photo of J.D. Johnson

    J.D. Johnson 

    HS - History and Geography
  • Photo of Bart Kareken

    Bart Kareken 

    MS - Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Angela Keathley

    Angela Keathley 

    Director of Homeschool
  • Photo of Margaret Kennedy

    Margaret Kennedy 

    HS - Academic Center and Testing Coordinator
  • Photo of Elia Key

    Elia Key 

    HS- Receptionist
  • Photo of Amy Laman

    Amy Laman 

    ES- 4th Grade
  • Photo of Brian Lawhorn

    Brian Lawhorn 

    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Photo of Lynda Lower

    Lynda Lower 

    HS - Academic Center Coordinator
  • Photo of Krista Maddox

    Krista Maddox 

    MS - Bible
  • Photo of Brandi Magee

    Brandi Magee 

    MS- Math
  • Photo of Christa Margene

    Christa Margene 

    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Photo of Jeremy Margene

    Jeremy Margene 

    MS - History
  • Photo of Amanda McCamey

    Amanda McCamey 

    ES - Academic Center Coordinator
  • Photo of Katy McKinney

    Katy McKinney 

    MS- Academic Center
  • Photo of Linda McMichael

    Linda McMichael 

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
  • Photo of Elena McMillan

    Elena McMillan 

    MS- Art
  • Photo of Kelly McPherson

    Kelly McPherson 

    Administrative Assistant - Spiritual Discipleship
  • Photo of Melanie Miller

    Melanie Miller 

    ES - 1st Grade
  • Photo of Madeline  Mixner

    Madeline  Mixner 

    HS - French
  • Photo of Bethany Moore

    Bethany Moore 

    MS - Music
  • Photo of Tara Morris

    Tara Morris 

    Human Resources & Payroll Manager
  • Photo of Beth Mozingo

    Beth Mozingo 

    Student Billing/Accounts Receivable
  • Photo of Travis Mozingo

    Travis Mozingo 

    HS - History
  • Photo of Shawne Myers

    Shawne Myers 

    MS- Science
  • Photo of Angie Mynatt

    Angie Mynatt 

    MS - History
  • Photo of Nicole Nestor

    Nicole Nestor 

    MS - STEM and Coding
  • Photo of Sue Novikoff

    Sue Novikoff 

    HS - Mathematics and ACT Prep
  • Photo of Christina Ownby

    Christina Ownby 

    ES- School Nurse
  • Photo of Brook Park

    Brook Park 

    MS- Counselor
  • Photo of Chase Phillips

    Chase Phillips 

    HS - Bible
  • Photo of Candice Pierce

    Candice Pierce 

    Director of Preschool
  • Photo of Angela Pifer

    Angela Pifer 

    MS - Receptionist
  • Photo of Kelly Platillero

    Kelly Platillero 

    HS- Spanish
  • Photo of Leigh Price

    Leigh Price 

    ES - 1st Grade
  • Photo of Corey Rathbone

    Corey Rathbone 

    HS- English
  • Photo of Christina Reid

    Christina Reid 

    HS - AP Calculus, Honors BC PreCalculus, DE Math
  • Photo of Sarah Robertson

    Sarah Robertson 

  • Photo of Adam Rogers

    Adam Rogers 

    ES- P.E. and Health
  • Photo of Martha Rudder

    Martha Rudder 

    ES - Reading Specialist
  • Photo of Niki Sealey

    Niki Sealey 

    HS - Capstone Coordinator and Bible Offerings
  • Photo of Johnathan Sessoms

    Johnathan Sessoms 

    Digital Media Program Director
  • Photo of Kelly Sessoms

    Kelly Sessoms 

    ES- STEM
  • Photo of Kellie Sexton

    Kellie Sexton 

    MS - English
  • Photo of Jennifer Shaw

    Jennifer Shaw 

    ES- 2nd Grade
  • Photo of Carol Shipley

    Carol Shipley 

    ES - Pre-1st Grade
  • Photo of Lisa Siard

    Lisa Siard 

    HS - Chemistry
  • Photo of Chad Speck

    Chad Speck 

    Director of Athletics & Admissions Specialist
  • Photo of Scott Spista

    Scott Spista 

  • Photo of Monica Stacey

    Monica Stacey 

    HS/MS- Spanish
  • Photo of Missy Standifer

    Missy Standifer 

    Director of Community Outreach and Discipleship
  • Photo of Lee Ann Starnes

    Lee Ann Starnes 

    MS - Mathematics
  • Photo of Julie Steimer

    Julie Steimer 

    HS - Algebra and Geometry
  • Photo of Ashley Stoll

    Ashley Stoll 

    MS - Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Brandon Sullivan

    Brandon Sullivan 

    ES -2nd Grade
  • Photo of Lindsey Thomas

    Lindsey Thomas 

    ES - Preschool Teachers Aide
  • Photo of Matthew Traylor

    Matthew Traylor 

    MS - P.E., Health, and Wellness
  • Photo of Sarah Traylor

    Sarah Traylor 

    HS - Science
  • Photo of Shane Vande Brake

    Shane Vande Brake 

    HS - Foreign Language
  • Photo of Deborah Wakefield

    Deborah Wakefield 

    HS - Biology
  • Photo of Taylor Walker

    Taylor Walker 

    ES - Pre-K
  • Photo of Susan Wallis

    Susan Wallis 

    HS - Principal and Assistant Head of School
  • Photo of Courtney Walsh

    Courtney Walsh 

    ES - Receptionist
  • Photo of Hope Wampler

    Hope Wampler 

    HS - General Art
  • Photo of Tristina Weast

    Tristina Weast 

    MS & HS - Teachers Aide
  • Photo of Krista Webb

    Krista Webb 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Photo of Shane Wells

    Shane Wells 

    ES- PE and Lower School Athletics Administrator
  • Photo of Sandra Welshan

    Sandra Welshan 

    MS - Science
  • Photo of Michael Westover

    Michael Westover 

    Director of Facilities
  • Photo of Abby Williams

    Abby Williams 

    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Photo of Karen Williams

    Karen Williams 

    HS- Counselor (9th & 10th)
  • Photo of Lea Winston

    Lea Winston 

    ES- 4th Grade
  • Photo of Daniel Young

    Daniel Young 

    MS- P.E., Health, and Wellness
  • Photo of Ashley Zacher

    Ashley Zacher 

    ES - Music
  • Photo of Emma Zaczyk

    Emma Zaczyk 

    ES - 3rd Grade
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