Leadership Team

CAK Leadership Vision
The Vision of our Leadership Team is, in a word, discipleship: To be intentional about leading our students and CAK community into a thriving relationship with Christ in order that they may live a Christ-like life.
The Why? We are in partnership with parents. Therefore, it is important that our entire CAK community is considered in discipleship. We first and foremost focus on discipleship because of its eternal impact. Not that academics, arts, athletics, etc. are not important because they are. If we put first things first, i.e., growing as a family in our relationship with Christ, all the other important pieces of what we do will fall into place! Seek first the Kingdom of God and all of these will be added!
The Pillars in which all decisions are weighed:
Biblical Stewardship
High Academic Standards
Personal/Professional Growth
Positive Culture/Community
Christ-Centered Living

The Priorities
1. Discipleship- to become more like Christ
2. Academic Achievement- 100% of our graduates earn college placement.
3. Sustained Student Enrollment- 1050 or greater
4. Balanced Budget- never end the year in ’the red’.
5. Increase Teacher Compensation- to attract and retain highly effective educators.
6. Christian Life Center- for spiritual development and the arts.
7. Endowment- to insure affordability of high-quality Christian Education in the future.
8. Personal/Professional Development- for Biblical integration; teacher health and well-being; for coach’s education.

Executive Leadership Team

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Richard Fulford

    Richard Fulford 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Brian Lawhorn

    Brian Lawhorn 

    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Photo of Krista Webb

    Krista Webb 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Photo of Susan Wallis

    Susan Wallis 

    HS - Principal and Assistant Head of School
    (865) 690-4721, ext 301
  • Photo of Lynette Fowler

    Lynette Fowler 

    MS - Principal
    (865) 690- 4721, ext. 201
  • Photo of Chad Speck

    Chad Speck 

    Director of Athletics & Admissions Specialist
  • Photo of Glen Davenport

    Glen Davenport 

    Director of Christian Life

Administrative Leadership Team

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Craig Collier

    Craig Collier 

    Director of Development
  • Photo of Angela Keathley

    Angela Keathley 

    Director of Homeschool
  • Photo of Amy Loope

    Amy Loope 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Christa Margene

    Christa Margene 

    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Photo of Jessica Olson

    Jessica Olson 

    Medical Coordinator/School Nurse
    (865) 690-4721
  • Photo of Missy Standifer

    Missy Standifer 

    Director of Community Outreach and Discipleship
  • Photo of Michael Westover

    Michael Westover 

    Director of Facilities
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