Earn Up to 59 College Credits While at CAK High School

Christa Margene- CAK Digital Storyteller
Have the possibility of graduating from college a full year early? Yes, please! That’s what many parents think when they learn that Christian Academy of Knoxville offers both Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes.
In fact, students at CAK have the opportunity to earn 59 college credits which means your student could potentially complete two years of college before high school graduation!

CAK high school counselor, Pamela Kilburn, helps students navigate the many questions they may have about earning college credit. “When it comes to choosing classes, it really depends on a student’s goals and unique circumstances. There are a number of factors to take into consideration. It’s best for them to meet with their school counselor to discuss their options.”

Each college or university has its own criteria for if and how the credit will transfer and most colleges post their AP credit policy on their website. There, students can check to see if the credit will transfer and what score they need to earn credit. For DE courses, students can contact the registrar of any prospective college to see if the credit will transfer.

Even though there are lots of unknowns regarding college credit for your student, Kilbrun’s best piece of advice for parents is “to encourage your student to challenge themselves while keeping a healthy work/life balance. It’s important that they have enough margin in their schedule to be well-rounded, but not so much that they’re coasting”.

Pamela has been a school counselor at CAK for 10 years. While there are a lot of great aspects to her role, she especially enjoys career advising! If you have questions about college credit or how to best prepare your student for college, reach out to your student’s school counselor.
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