CAK Elementary Classroom Sound System

Christa Margene- CAK Digital Storyteller
Can you hear me?

If you are a student in the Elementary School, the answer is- Yes!
All classrooms in the Elementary building use a sound system called Front Row Pro. This system evenly distributes a teacher’s voice in the classroom so that each student is able to hear their voice no matter where the teacher is standing.

CAK Kindergarten teacher, Amanda Harb, loves using Front Row Pro in her classroom. “I can have my back turned to the class and the students are still able to hear everything I am saying, without having to raise my voice.”

The system not only allows teachers to be heard without straining their voice, but it also helps increase student attentiveness and comprehension. When a teacher can’t be heard, students struggle to follow along and understand what is being taught. With the use of this system, each student is able to hear with clarity.

The system was implemented over 10 years ago by a mother who had a student with an auditory disability. It was added to just one classroom to begin with and was gradually added to each classroom in the Elementary building. Now, more than 10 years later, every Elementary student is able to benefit from this sound system.
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