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I adore this school!

June 24, 2020
By CAK Communications

After working in the public school for 25 years, Angel Crider felt plenty of ‘nudges’ from God that maybe it was time for a change. She decided to send her oldest child to Christian Academy of Knoxville, a private school with small class sizes, for his 9th-grade year. At that point, the nudges turned into opportunities.

Crider was offered a job to change her career path and teach 5th grade at CAK, the same school where her son attends. “I know the challenges students face in Middle School, and I love that I can prepare them to not only be ready but to have a head start.” 

The smaller class sizes and the freedom of teaching in a Christian setting were huge bonuses for Angel. She loves ministering to her students and that she can guide them through scripture and love as they grow and change. “As a teacher, being able to meet my students where they are is huge. Small classes allow me the flexibility to reach out to them in small groups and one on one instruction to clear up any misunderstandings.”

The teachers at CAK love their school, each other, and their Savior.

“I adore this school system. Being in an environment with high expectations and strong standards, students thrive. I believe that is what parents want- teachers who love their child and help them to reach goals.”

While the quarantine was hard on everyone, the family atmosphere at CAK touched Angel. “I became a teacher to be in the classroom with the students, not on a screen. On the very last day of school, the 5th grade students had a parade for the 5th grade teachers. I walked outside to start the parade and I looked up and there were students everywhere. I was speechless, and I could not contain my tears of joy. I love the family atmosphere that CAK Elementary has brought to my teaching.”


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