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Become a Warrior!

There are three ways to change the world - with your words, with your deeds or with your prayers. Christian Academy of Knoxville is changing the world with all three, one child at a time. Welcome! We are so happy you are considering CAK! Whether you are joining us for preschool or high school, know that students at CAK will experience an academically challenging environment where they can feel safe to try new things, which develops courage and bravery as they grow into successful adults who have a firm foundation in their faith. Working in partnership with families, we do require that at least one parent be a professing Christian


Praying Students

As a multi-denomination, independent campus, CAK students represent over 140 churches, all with one mission, to share and grow in the love of Jesus Christ. 


With 37 team athletic state titles and award-winning arts programs, students are sure to find a place to fit in at CAK.


As a college-preparatory school, CAK graduates are attending post-secondary schools including Vanderbilt, UNC, and Princeton.

Visit Our Campus

A visit to campus is the best way to know if applying to CAK is something you'd like to pursue. We offer open house dates, private tours, and student shadow days. Let's schedule a time to get together -- we'll cover your questions while we walk through the areas of campus that best apply to your family's needs.

It is better to apply early and allow us to complete the process than to wait until too close to school starting and feel rushed. All admissions protocols are honored regardless of the date of application. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at 865-813-4CAK.

We can't wait to meet you!





Amy Loope, Director of Admissions 
(865) 690-4721, ext. 147
Barb Houser, Assistant Director of Admissions
(865) 813-4CAK
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