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I am so excited and honored to be serving CAK in the area of stewardship as a member of the Development team. After speaking with many of you and reflecting on my own experience as a CAK parent, I realized there are two critical statements that are at the heart of making this next school year one to CELEBRATE:

1. YOU matter at CAK. I want to hear about your CAK experience and learn how we are serving your family well and how can we can make improvements this coming year.

2. Your INVESTMENT matters at CAK – no matter the size. We covet your partnership with us and greatly appreciate your investment of prayer, time and financial support.

It is my strong desire over the coming months/years to visit with as many families as possible, listen to your stories and share with you the needs of our school. As we begin to understand one another better, I firmly believe that we will make this coming year, a year of CELEBRATION.

Craig Collier
Development Director
(865) 690-4721 ext 177

About Craig Collier

Craig began his journey at CAK long before his job as the new Director of Development. It started years ago when Craig and his wife Lyn enrolled their oldest daughter, Anne Lauren, into Kindergarten at CAK. Three more children followed (Emmy, Ford and Mac), and - at one time - the Colliers had feet on every part of the campus with kids in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School. All four children flourished at the school, from playing team sports to enjoying relationships with their amazing teachers, coaches and classmates. Craig and Lyn have been integrally involved in the school over the last 20 years, and Anne Lauren graduated Magna Cum Laude from CAK in 2014.

Craig himself is a product of Christian education, having attended Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama, for all of his adolescence. Craig thrived in this environment where he played three sports, participated in student government and was nurtured through the spiritual life of the school.