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Junior K
Junior K is a mix of older 4 and younger 5-year-old students that serves as a year-long half step between Pre-K and kindergarten. This class follows a similar schedule and format of a regular kindergarten day. This class will provide an opportunity for students to develop a greater sense of confidence and responsibility before entering kindergarten. Older four years olds will benefit from the pace and academic rigor of this learning environment. Creativity and curiosity are embedded in structured classroom activities.
A unique literacy curriculum introduces students to core kindergarten math, science, and social studies standards. Structured learning through play, projects, and nature are common in this class. Students even participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) lessons, similar to those presented throughout the elementary school.
  • OWL Curriculum that incorporates morning meeting, literacy/math circles, and story time through small group and large group instruction
  • Emphasis on kindergarten readiness and increased academic rigor
  • Building on mathematical concepts such as classifying, sorting, and number sense
  • Developing and building organizational skills
  • Procedures, routines, and confidence with follow multi-step directions
  • Sustaining attention and focus in a classroom environment
  • Developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills by integrating STEM and in-class field trips
Students must be four years old by March 31st. Results of the Gesell Developmental Observation are used in consideration of student placement.
Junior K is a 5-day class (Monday - Friday).
Program offers:
  • Small class sizes
  • Engaging centers
  • In-class technology (iPads and interactive whiteboards)
  • Comprehensive Bible curriculum with appropriate integrations across all content areas
  • Preschool Chapel
  • In-house field trips through the Knoxville Zoo
  • Enrichment class once a day; Library, Spanish, Music, Art, and PE
*Birthday alone does not determine a child’s readiness to enter kindergarten or a specific preschool class. At CAK, we seek to position your child for success by partnering with families to discuss all options. In addition, trusted assessments are utilized to develop the best plan for each student. To enroll, parents must submit a completed application with all required forms. After review of the application, a family interview will be arranged. Admission to the program follows a recommendation to our Board of Trustees. Thank you for your interest in our school.