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2018-19 Capstone Projects


Scripture calls us to love and serve both God and other people. Christ gave an example to His followers by being their servant and laying down His life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45.)  In Ephesians, we are told to "serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men" and in I Peter, Christians are admonished to "use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace." We, therefore, believe that an essential element of Christian education is nurturing students growth in the practice and skill of serving others. 

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Summary of CAK High School Service Requirements by Grade Level: 
Freshman - 10 hours on campus (must complete a community service form)
Sophomores - 10 hours off campus (must complete a community service form)
Juniors – Develop a Capstone proposal and plan in the Capstone Class with Mrs. Stanford
Seniors - Complete 40+ Capstone hours and make a formal presentation of the project 

Forms for Community Service and Capstone Projects: 

Details of High School Service Requirements for Each Grade:

9th Grade 
Freshmen must complete 10 hours of community service on campus between June of their rising 9th grade year and August of their rising 10th grade year. Service can take place throughout the CAK campus and may include after-school events like Curriculum Night, fine arts, summer camps, athletic events, etc. Students will be given specific opportunities in 9th grade Bible class. Students should look for ways to serve on campus and check the CAK website for announcements of service opportunities. 

10th Grade 
Sophomores must complete 10 hours of community service off campus between June of their rising 10th grade year and August of their rising 11th grade year. Service may be with any ministry that serves others, including hospitals, nursing homes, faith-based ministries, or other charitable organizations. While helping elderly relatives is biblical and encouraged, it is not considered community service. Specific opportunities for off-campus service may be suggested in 10th grade Bible class. Students may ask their churches for opportunities to serve. 

11th  and 12th Grades
Juniors will choose and plan a Capstone project in the Capstone Bible class. Students will develop projects that utilize their gifts, talents, desires, and experiences in ways that significantly serve others. Students must have an approved proposal and mentor prior to beginning their Capstone projects. 

Capstone projects must take place between August of Junior year and February of Senior year. Each student must maintain a record of project service hours and conversations with their mentor and should include verifying mentor signatures. Students should take photos of their service to use in their presentations. 

Seniors will present their projects in the Warrior Studio in a formal presentation at a scheduled date during the first three quarters. Service hour records with mentor conversations and signatures are due at the time of presentation. Seniors will not be allowed to present on their scheduled day if they do not have completed records. Presentations will be filmed by the Warrior Network. 

IMPORTANT: The Capstone project is a graduation requirement at CAK. Any senior who has not completed at least 25 verifiable hours of service on an approved project by 2/19 will NOT be allowed to go on the Senior trip, but will instead used that week to complete the project. Any senior who has not completed the project by May 10 will be listed as a summer graduate in the commencement program. Summer graduates must complete Capstone hours on the CAK campus the week following graduation. 

Email Susan Stanford with any questions regarding the Capstone project at

Capstone Advisor