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Perryman Post, May 2019

May 14, 2019
By Mr. Dan Perryman, Interim Head of School

As we near the finish line, it is hard to believe that the 2018-2019 school year is coming to a close. We certainly have had our share of opportunities this year. Through it all, prayer has been a vital component in a successful school year. I appreciate all of you who participated in "At 9 For 5." It was a huge blessing to our campus. I plan to continue this throughout next year, possibly once a month. We felt the presence of the Lord over our school as a result of prayer.

As we move forward to a break for the summer, I would ask for you all to continue to pray for CAK. During my lifetime, I have found that we are incapable of ANYTHING without God. The story of God commissioning Moses to lead the children of Israel is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Moses was just a regular guy whom God wanted to use. Moses had no confidence in his own abilities. One problem was that he was not a good speaker. I LOVE the response God gave, "WHO MADE YOUR MOUTH?" So often we forget God is in control and it is for us to trust and obey. As our seniors look forward to graduating and moving on with their lives, there are fears and uncertainty. As the parents of seniors question, "How in the world am I going to pay for this?” There are fears and concerns. Above all of this, God is already superseding in ways we cannot understand. Prayer, my friends, is vital. We cannot begin our day without asking the Lord's blessing on all we do — praying for His direction, protection, and guidance. I am weak and cannot accomplish anything without God's strength. My challenge to all of us is that we "pray without ceasing."

Keep this fresh - the CAK Way:
1. Love God
2. Love People
3. Model Jesus
4. Make decisions that are best for our students

Because of His Grace,
Dan Perryman

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