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Perryman Post, March 2019

March 07, 2019
By Dan Perryman, Interim Head of School

As we enter into the home stretch, there are many exciting opportunities at CAK. We, as faculty and staff, have the opportunity to impact over 900 young lives. We have the opportunity to interact with you as parents - to partner with you to provide your student with a college preparatory education from a Biblical worldview. We have the opportunity to represent Christ in our community, being disciples both on and off campus.

All of this gets me thinking about the year 2020, next year, and what that means for us at CAK. I don’t know about you, but there came a time when my arms were not long enough for me to read the print in books. I had to visit my optometrist and get some reading glasses. I cannot read a thing without my glasses. I do not have physical 20/20 vision, but I do want to be clear about what I see for CAK in the year 2020.

My “20/20 Vision” for CAK begins with the “C” in CAK - Christian. My goal for the coming year is to infuse Christ-like behavior into our students, parents, and staff to truly make CAK a Christian institution. Culture is a buzzword in our society today, but my vision is to make this campus culture honoring to God. I am not quite sure what this looks like yet, but I have a few ideas:

  • Always measuring our actions to Christ and Biblical standards
  • Always giving praise to God for His provisions
  • Always being Christ-like in our interactions, making sure our actions and reactions model Christ
  • Always treating EVERYONE with respect and understanding that EVERYONE is an image bearer of Christ

Hopefully, you would agree that these four ideas would be a great place to start. So, join with me in making the culture at CAK a God-honoring culture!

Remember the CAK Way:

  • Love God
  • Love People
  • Model Jesus
  • Make decisions that are best for our students

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