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The Perryman Post, February 2019

February 07, 2019
By Mr. Dan Perryman

As we are well underway into the new year, I want to share some things from my heart that prayerfully will be of use to all of us.

I am sure that many of you have made New Year’s Resolutions. I won’t go into ALL of the different areas that could become resolutions, but here are some statistics for you to ponder. First, did you know that around 85% of adults make resolutions each year? Of those, half will fail by the end of January. Most of the rest are done by March! Wow! 

As I was thinking over the overwhelming failure of most people to keep these resolutions, I received a monthly letter from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), of which CAK is a member. They encouraged us to focus on just ONE WORD for the entire year. That sounds a whole lot like a resolution, which made me wonder if we could keep that focus. Then, I remembered that we as humans may fail, but with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). We can keep our resolutions with prayer

With that thought in mind, the word I have chosen for 2019 is OPPORTUNITY. I want to dwell on the opportunities that God gives us. Every challenge, every difficulty, everything God has allowed to be in our lives serves a purpose and has a reason (Romans 8:28). I am challenging myself to look at the things that come my way as opportunities to first glorify God and to strengthen me into a better servant for Him. My health has been an issue and is very frustrating. I am determined to use this to glorify God and strengthen me. This takes work and the right perspective.

I would like to challenge each of you to find and focus on ONE WORD as we proceed through 2019. I trust that the Lord will give you a blessed year. Please continue to pray for CAK – students, parents, staff, faculty and administration. We are working together to mold young people for the glory of God.


  • Love God
  • Love People
  • Model Jesus
  • Make decisions that are best for our students

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