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The Freedom of a Private, Christian School

May 08, 2020
By Amanda Day, CAK 4th Grade Teacher

Students are not just taught at Christian Academy of Knoxville, a preschool through 12th grade private school located in West Knoxville, TN. They are a part of a community that loves and shapes their heart for the kingdom of God, and that really does take a village. 

Being smaller than most of the local public schools (and having much smaller class sizes) allows us the freedom to give more individualized attention to students and their needs. It gives us the opportunity to have more time with students, which is so important when you are building their foundation.

Another freedom we have, as an independent school, is that we are not restricted by the amount of time we can spend on subjects or topics. We can adjust our class schedule and time to go deeper into assignments and topics that are relevant to our students. 

This is important academically, but even more so spiritually. CAK is a covenant school, a school that works in partnership with Christian parents from all different denominational backgrounds. That means I am able to not only live out my faith, but weave it into all the curricula that I teach. We are not restricted in what or how we teach the word, and our students and teachers can discuss academics along with faith. 

Students will be protected and guided throughout their years at CAK. It is a safe place to learn, both academically and spiritually. Parents and teachers are a part of a partnership that leads the students through their schooling. It is a very special place.

Although we are small enough for individual attention, we are also large enough to offer extras like French and Spanish at the elementary level. We also offer STEM, and our school is a 1:1 iPad school, starting in the 3rd grade. 

We emphasize that technology is only a tool. In the grade level I teach, fourth grade, we plan all projects and work using collaboration with hands-on learning and our iPads. Hands-on learning is not replaced by technology.

My favorite memories always showcase how God reveals Himself to my students. For example, this year, we studied one particular Psalm right before we began distance learning. It was Psalm 8. During the first week of "distance" church services, one of our pastors used that Psalm for his entire sermon! Being able to share that with students allows them to see that God does see us, and He knows us. The reassurance of that happened multiple times this year. They are not coincidences, which the world would teach, they are true moments where God reveals Himself to us.

I love the community at CAK. Students, parents, and faculty members are my family. We hope you will consider joining our family too! 

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