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This CAK Career Database was created by Hampton Peters (Class of 2019) for his senior Capstone project because Hampton felt like he and his classmates could benefit from the wisdom and experience of the CAK community as they were launching towards college and next steps.   Raegan Helton (Class of 2020) took over this project for her Capstone, doubling its size and expanding the database to include parents, grandparents, alumni and CAK staff.

The database contains information on nearly 300 members of the CAK community and businesses willing to partner with students. These partnerships may encourage future Capstone projects, initiate conversations about career options and/or provide opportunities for job shadowing. The database may also be helpful to CAK faculty, staff and parents desiring professional assistance from members of the CAK community. 

Here is the link to review the final career database, and we hope that it is helpful for the entire CAK family.


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