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What sets CAK apart - Thoughts from Ms. Giles, Elementary Assistant Principal

January 31, 2019
By Kim Giles, Elementary Assistant Principal

Reflecting on my time at CAK, there are some specific things that really set CAK apart and make it very special to me.  First, we have excellent teachers who are instilling in our students a heart for service.  As you can see in the background of this picture, our teachers are modeling Jesus each and every day in what they communicate in their classrooms- statements like “be a servant” or “stand up for others” are regularly found in the classrooms on our campus.  But actions speak louder than words…so they also work diligently to regularly provide opportunities to teach our students to care for and serve others- just like Jesus did.  The 5th-grade students pictured below recently made blankets to send to cancer patients at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

Another valuable part of what makes CAK so very special is the opportunity to partner with families.  In some instances, this may look like sitting around a table together to determine the best way to meet the educational needs of a student or a phone call home to share the details of an important conversation that took place at school that day.  It might even look like a parent coming in to serve as a prayer parent for their child’s class.  Sometimes we have the privilege to partner together during chapel when family members come in to share what God has been doing in and through their lives, as seen in this photo of Rev. Mitch Townley with his granddaughter as they led worship together at chapel this fall.

And perhaps the most meaningful piece of what sets CAK apart is the community we have found here.  There are many excellent schools in our area.  Other places also excel in athletics, fine arts, and academics.  However, there is something unique and special about being part of a community of believers coming together at a school that works to infuse our children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

CAK isn’t just the place we take our children to school, but it’s the place where we do life.  

When all of these pieces come together it creates a pretty special place- a place that we are thrilled to call home!

If you would like more information about becoming a CAK Warrior, please reach out to our admissions department at or schedule a campus tour today. 

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