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Warriors in Montreal

July 02, 2019
By CAK Communications

“What good is it that you have faith but don’t show it with your actions?” - James 2:14

For the third year in a row, CAK students, parents, and staff traveled to Montreal, Canada to work the Renaissance Church. The group of 34 spent time in service around the community including working in a kitchen at a shelter, helping pastors run the Jean Baptist festival, sorting clothes at a local ministry store, handing out coffee to bring a smile to travelers, and more. 

Students share: 

"A highlight of the day was observing the differences in church services: French vs English - observing God work in different venues and cultures and languages, but they all clearly loved Jesus." - Jonah

"I went to the shelter today and made 236 beds then fixed dinner for 200 people. When we finished preparing the food, we went out and saw a long line of men waiting to be served. I realized they are here because they need help and we contributed to offering them help." - Brooke 

 "1 Corinthians 13:1 reminds me if I could speak all the languages of the earth and of angels but don’t love others, I am only a resounding gong or clanging symbol. The emphasis isn't on whether we can speak French or English but it's about our love. I hear God speaking to my heart to remember that love is patient and kind, it does not envy, it does not demand its own way." - Tracie

This is a high school trip lead by Gloria Murff, Christa Bennett, Lindsay Oaks, and Charli Thomas. John Stauffer, Micheal Ayres, and Tracie Woidtke served as chaperones. These students and graduates did an amazing job of serving all week!

Read more about their journey on the CAK in Montreal 2019 blog. CAK students have several opportunities to travel and serve internationally each year. 

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Persevering in the Face of Difficulties

April 03, 2019
By CAK Communications
Praying Students

Originally recorded by Sara Baker in the 1999-2000 CAK Historical Calendar

The year was 1987. No one knew why the Christian Academy of Knoxville (CAK) faculty meeting had been called. It wasn't on the schedule and there weren't any major events coming up. There was less joking around than usual as the teachers waited for the meeting to come to order.

In one of his toughest jobs as headmaster, the newly appointed Steve Camp had to face the teachers and tell them that the next payday might be late or that the checks might be smaller than usual. It was not a decision he took lightly. 

Earlier in that same year, CAK had faced some difficult financial decisions. The relatively new school couldn't get the accreditation it needed without a gym. And without accreditation, student enrollment would not grow enough to provide the things the school needed to stay open. So, in order to break this vicious cycle, the board and administration decided to step out in faith and stretch finances to build a gym. 

Back to that fateful staff meeting, the gym was now in place, and the school looked poised for a good increase in enrollment the following year. However, in the meantime, there simply wasn't enough money left in the bank to pay the mortage or the teachers. 

So, CAK did what they had learned to do from the beginning: they prayed. The board prayed ceaselessly for God to provide the funds. Parents were called to pray in prayer groups or individually. Faculty organized a prayer day for the high school and middle school. 

The payday was not late and the checks were not reduced! God is good! 


Prayer, the Bedrock of CAK

Other historical examples of answered prayers recorded from CAK's minutes from committee meetings, budget proposals, and other documents: 

  • 1960s prayer need: Several women from Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church began praying for a Christian school in Knoxville.
    Prayer answered: 1977 CAK opened in Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church with 96 students grades K-6. 
  • 1980 prayer need: The CAK family began praying for land for CAK to build a campus of its own.
    Prayer answered: In 1982, a piece of land that CAK could afford (because the family who was selling the land wanted it to all remain intact instead of subdivided) became available on Dutchtown Road.
  • 1988 prayer need: CAK had an enrollment of 370. They needed 30-40 additional students in order to balance the budget.
    Prayer answered: In 1999, CAK had an enrollment of well over 800! 
  • 1989 prayer need: Families prayed that the entire CAK school would be together on one campus instead of meeting at several different church facilities. 
    Prayer answered: In 1999, the entire campus moved to Dutchtown Road
  • 1989 prayer need: Prayers went up for students with special learning needs, specifically that they would have their needs met through their teachers and tutors at CAK.
    Prayer answered: 1999, CAK has one of the premier academic centers in the Christain school community. 
  • 1989 prayer need: Churches represented at CAK would continue to stand for Christ in our community. 
    Prayer answered: Records in 1999 show that most of the churches represented at CAK have grown tremendously. We have no evidence of churches represented at CAK that have grown cold or dead during this time. 

"God always met our needs. We prayed through a lot of situations. I would not trade my time at CAK for anything. They were some of the best times of my life." ~ Mike Pappas, former CAK teacher 

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The Lord Will Give You an Inheritance

March 27, 2019
By CAK Communications
Families gathered for a picnic on new land

First submitted by Sara Baker for the 1999-2000 historical moments calendar 

In the early 1980s, Christian Academy of Knoxville (CAK) was meeting on church campuses, but students, parents, and staff desired a campus of their own. One member of the development committee felt particularly drawn to a specific Bible verse:

"Those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land." ~ Psalm 37:9

The committee continued to pray, and look, but most of the land for sale near Cedar Bluff was far too expensive for CAK to consider. Then in 1982, a 27-acre tract of land became available on Dutchtown Road. Better yet, it was affordable! The committee recommended the purchase, and fundraising began! 

In a letter dated February 2, 1983, Mr. Van Schuyver reported on several touching examples of how people sacrificed to help: 

  • Several middle school students made pins, selling them, and giving proceeds to the building fund
  • A grandmother took care of a family of children over a weekend, and instead of accepting pay, she asked that the money be given to the CAK building fund
  • A widow who had no formal contact with the school, but who knew it only by its reputation, gave a very generous gift after learning of the immediate plans to build
  • Another woman, who worked hard all her life to assist in the education of her children and grandchildren, donated a substantial amount to "help assure the children of others would have a quality Christian education" 

After the land was purchased, it was discovered that it had been in one family for years, handed down to each new generation as an inheritance. The family wanted the land to remain intact rather than being broken up for building lots, which is the reason they sold it to CAK at a price the school could afford. Thus, the school did receive an inheritance from the Lord fulfilling Psalm 37:9! 

That spring, children, parents, and teachers gathered for a picnic on the new school grounds to celebrate the fulfillment of a long-held dream. No one could have imagined the 77-acre campus, multiple programs, and over 900 students that CAK has today. God is, indeed, able to do far beyond what we imagine! 

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Ash Wednesday at CAK

March 07, 2019
By CAK Communications

“From Dust You Came, and To Dust You Shall Return.”

Part of what makes Christian Academy of Knoxville unique is that we have students from over 140 area churches, and we are independent and non-denominational. So, we get to learn from one another.

Some Christian denominations participate in Ash Wednesday, and some do not, but all students in Mrs. Oaks Freshman Bible class got to learn about the tradition on Wednesday.

Those who wanted to participate wrote down something they wish to give up for lent in order to grow closer to God. They then burned those papers and the ashes were placed upon their foreheads in the sign of the cross.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

All students and staff who wished were also given the opportunity for the imposition of ashes today during the lunch hour. This was not required of anyone.

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CAK Students Volunteer at KARM

February 12, 2019
By CAK Communications

Over spring break, a team of nine Christian Academy of Knoxville high school students, three teachers, and one parent are going to Chiquimula, Guatemala for a mission trip. As part of the student's training, they are doing "Saturday Serve" days, where they give back to the local community. 

This past weekend, our team spent time in fellowship with those who are served by KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries) and served a hot meal to around 200 people in need. 

"This is such a meaningful experience," says trip sponsor Ms. Rogers. "I actually did this Guatemala trip as my Capstone project when I was a senior here at CAK. I hope it will inspire our students for a lifetime of giving back." 

In addition to "Saturday Serve," Team Guatemala has attended bi-weekly lunch trainings as well as a Spanish church service. They will also complete a team-building ropes course before they leave. 

During the trip to Guatemala, our CAK students will be going to unreached, remote villages to share the Gospel and deliver food. They will do VBS (Vacation Bible School) for local schools, and will teach English at the school that the local pastors run.  Additionally, they will do many projects such as helping refinish furniture and painting a basketball court for the local children.

In Chiquimula, the pastor's family is the Cordero family, and Kevin Cordero is a CAK alum class of 2018. He graduated as our first international student last year!

Thank you to Ms. Rogers for organizing this trip. If you would like to find out more about the mission trips offered to CAK students, visit our missions page

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