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The libraries at CAK are an integral part of the learning experience for our students. Each library’s collection is age appropriate and aimed at both supplementing the curriculum and encouraging a love of reading in our students. Each library is staffed by a librarian dedicated to ensuring the best experience for our students.

The Elementary Library is a warm and welcoming place for our younger students. Elementary students have a scheduled library time on a regular basis. Library activities are planned for each age group ranging from story times for the younger students to beginning research projects for the older students. The librarian collaborates with the classroom teachers to ensure that the library activities are connected to classroom study.

Middle school students use the library for a variety of reasons – term paper research, genre studies, or pleasure reading. Students also have the opportunity to explore a variety of technology including video and still cameras, editing software, etc.

The High School library is central to the school – both physically and as a support to the curriculum. Students are welcome to visit the library during the school day for help with research, relaxing with a book, or to socialize with friends.

Above all, the librarians of CAK endeavor to foster a love of reading, learning, and research in the students of each building.

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    Diana Holden

    Director of Libraries
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    Adrienne Toro

    Elementary Librarian