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In response to CAK’s mission statement to service a cross-section of students, the Academic Center is founded as a support system to supplement and enhance academic excellence. A variety of services are provided across campus to encourage student success.


Beginning with pre-kindergarten, we provide developmental services as well as individual and small group academic support. The Academic Center’s desire is to partner with teachers and families to equip students for post-secondary choices.

Elementary School

The Elementary School offers both large and small group support as well as individual assistance. The level of support is dependent upon the need of each student and parental request. The elementary provides speech and language screenings and services. Small group reading and math support are provided for groups of no more than six students at a time. Enrichment groups are offered in reading and math for those students who demonstrate advanced skills in these areas. Individualized tutoring and interventions are available as well.

Middle School

The Middle School provides two free services to all students who need academic support and accountability. The Learning Lab is available to assist students with any academic need, whether it is for accessing internet information for papers, for completing or reviewing classroom information, or for making up tests. For students who struggle recording assignments and taking the necessary materials home, the Backpack Check assists students and parents in knowing that what is needed for homework is packed and ready for home. Additionally, individualized tutoring and intervention services are available during the school day on an as needed basis.

High School

The High School offers three free services to all students needing additional faculty support. The English Writing Lab is available every day for students who need assistance in writing papers, college applications, and for English class support. The Math Lab is open daily to assist students in Alg. I, II, III, and Geometry. The Agenda Check afterschool is a stopgap checkpoint that assures students and parents that the student goes home with all assignments and materials. Individual tutoring in all subjects and intervention services are available during the school day as well.

Each campus has an Academic Center Coordinator who provides oversight and suggestions for each student needing academic support. If needed, classroom accommodations and modifications are provided through a Student Learning Profile that assists students in meeting the academic standards.