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Dear CAK Parents and Students,

Scripture calls us to love and serve both God and our fellow humans. Christ gave an example to His followers by being their servant and laying down His life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45.)  Paul writes to the church of Ephesus that they should “serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men” (Ephesians 6:7.)  Peter admonishes Christians to "use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace" (I Peter 4:10) 
We believe therefore that it is essential that a part of the education process at CAK is helping students grow in the practice and skill of serving others. 

We have outlined below the general service plan for high school students.

Requirements by Grade Level:
Freshman - 10 hours on campus
Sophomores - 10 hours off campus
Juniors – Plan and write a Capstone proposal in the Capstone Class w/Mrs. Stanford.

Complete a 40+ hour Capstone Project:  students must keep a log of project service hours, time with their mentor, and take photos of the service.  All Capstone projects should take place between August of Junior year and February of Senior year.

Seniors -  Give a formal presentation with power point and turn in records of service hours and mentor communication.  Most presentations will be filmed.

9th Grade 
Students need to fulfill 10 hours of community service on campus between June after 8th grade and before August prior to their sophomore year.  Service can take place in the elementary, middle and high school and hours can be earned by serving numerous after-school events like Curriculum Night, Welcome Dinners, Fine Arts, summer camps, athletic events, etc. Students will be given more specific instructions regarding 9th grade community service in Bible class.  Students should also look for ways to serve and check RenWeb for announcements.

10th Grade 
Sophomores need to fulfill 10 hours of community service off campus between June after 9th grade and before August prior to 11th grade. Service can be with any ministry that serves others, including hospitals, nursing homes, mission trips, inner-city, faith-based ministries, or other charitable organizations.  While helping elderly relatives or neighbors is a worthwhile activity and should be done, it is not what would be considered off-campus ministries.  Students will be given more specific instructions regarding 10th grade community service in Bible class and should check RenWeb announcements for opportunities.

11th Grade 
Juniors will receive instruction in the one semester Capstone/Leadership Class. Students will choose and plan their projects in the community of the classroom and will develop their projects around their own gifts, talents, desires, experiences, and needs of others.  Students will submit a Capstone proposal during the class for approval.

The Capstone Project is similar to an Eagle Scout project in its scope and scale. A student from the class of 2018 developed a website for a local food pantry, FISH, that coordinates their food deliveries and prints maps for the drivers.  Several students have coached teams with Emerald Youth in sports that they have participated in for years.

12th Grade 

Each senior will give a professional presentation of their project to a small committee during the first three quarters of senior year. Parents and mentors are welcome to attend the presentations.  Students should have a power point with information and pictures and must submit records of the 40+ hours of service and time with their mentor. The Capstone Project is required for graduation and serves as the exam grade for the senior spring semester Bible class.

Closing Thoughts

We embrace our call by the Lord to serve Him by serving others. We therefore encourage additional service by students and families beyond the requirements of CAK. This additional service should be documented by the student to be included in college applications but does not need to be turned in to CAK.

We are very pleased with the results of the Capstone Project. The benefits are truly immeasurable.  CAK students are being given the opportunity to live what they are learning in Scripture, to use and develop their gifts in profound ways by serving others, to grow to a deep level of maturity as they take on projects “bigger” than their past experience, to be prepared for life beyond our school walls, and to experience the power of Christ as they walk in obedience to His calling. We see the Capstone project as a culmination of the educational experience at CAK.

We appreciate your support of all of these experiences at CAK.

Please feel free to email Susan Stanford with any questions that you have regarding the Capstone project at

View this 2017-18 Capstone RoundUp link for summaries of prior Capstone Projects.