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May 20nd-24th- Summer Fun ( Please send your child with a beach towel all week)

May 21st- End of Year Party (11:30-12:30)  All students and parents invited.

May 22nd- Rainbow Day (Your child may dress in colorful clothes and they will have a special rainbow snack if this is your child's day)

May 24th- 1/2 day  Early Dismissal (11:30) If you bring your child, your child will be dismissed from cafeteria.  Please go through regular car line.

Please make sure your child is wearing approved uniform dress code.  This means gray, white, or navy socks with closed heel and toed shoes.  Girls must wear navy bike shorts under skirts and dresses.  

If you know someone who is interested in becoming a Warrior, please have them contact Amy Loope at   865-690-4721 ext. 147.

**REMEMBER to send your child with a snack (no nuts) and a pre-filled labled water bottle each day

Preschool Extended Care (PEC)- 1pm-3pm . Your child will receive enrichment and have a rest period.  He/She needs a crib sheet and a blanket.  

Aftercare -- 3pm-6pm  (Director is Mrs. Miller)





I will be finishing up assessments this week.  They will not go home until the last week of school.

Letter -- Letter Review  (identifying and discussing items that begin with the letter) How do you know it's an uppercase letter? (because it's big) How do you know it's a lowercase letter? (because it's little). What letters are in your name? Do you have a z in your name?

Shape-Review recognition of circle, rectangle, square, triangle, heart, diamond/rhombus, and oval

Colors-- (identifying, and classifying) Recognition of red, blue, brown, orange, green, black, white, pink, purple, yellow

Math- Number association 1-10, number order 1-10, counting to 40, ABC patterns, positional words (up, down, beside, before, after, more, less).

Fine motor- Holding and using scissors appropriately, cutting along a line, tracing slanted lines, tracing shapes, and tracing name

We have been talking about opposites and rhyming words.  What are opposites? What are rhyming words?  Do you hear rhyming words in our book?  Can you say some rhyming words? Can you name some opposites?

Classroom skills; We are working on placing our work folders in our boxes and putting items in the folders to go home.



Special Schedule

Monday- Spanish with Mrs. Tapia

Tuesday-PE with Mrs. Richardson

Wednesday-Music with Mrs. Zacher

Thursday-Art with Mrs. Beaumont

Friday-Library with Mrs. Toro