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Class News

I can't believe that the end of the year is right around the corner.  It has been a pleasure to be your children's teacher.  They are a fabulous group of third graders, and they have stolen my heart.  Enjoy your summer break with your families.  I hope to see you next year in the elementary school.

The JTV field trip was exceptional.  We had a class on gems and minerals given by gemologist.  One being a CAK graduate.  We made fossils, and a specialist in fossils taught the class.  We were able to visit the call center where we individually listened into the calls for the orders, and then toured the facility that sorts all of the orders.  We learned about the filming of the programs, and we even got to try it out ourselves.  Last, JTV fed us Chick-fil-A, and we got to play in their park.  It was fantastic.

There will be an end of the year party on May 22.  This party will be a filled afternoon of games and third grade fun.  We are celebrating each other as friends.  It will be for only the students.  Sorry parents.  I will let you know more information in the coming days.

There is a list of special activities that your child will participate in each afternoon being sent home in your student's work folder that will help to shake out the nerves for next week.  This should be an enjoyable time that will help make next week less stressful.

Have a wonderful spring filled weekend!!!!

Below I have listed several events for the third grade. There will be more information to come on all of these events.

It's a great time to be a third grader!

Vicki Smith - 865-712-5017

May 21 - Oak Ridge American Museum of Science and Energy

May 22 - End of the Year Party

May 24 - Class Breakfast - Last Day - Early Dismissal


There will not be a memory verse this week.

We are studying the life of Christ.

Your child will need to have an ESV Bible each day at school.  You may purchase a Bible at the front desk of the elementary school.

Reading/Language Arts/Spelling

There will be no more spelling or reading tests for this year.  Woohoo!


We will study money and time next week.

This week in math we are working on multiplication.  We will take the 5's time test in case you would like to spend your free time reviewing the facts.  Multiplication has begun. "School House Rock" has some really fun jingles that help the students remember the multiplication facts.  There is a website called "".  It is fabulous.  "Xtra Math" is an app that is great for math fact practice.

Great Things to Do With Your Kids to Help Them in Math:  Let them measure the ingredients for a recipe.  Open up your purse and pour out the change.  Let them count it.  When you go out to eat, ask your child to make sure the total is correct, on the check.  When you are repairing your home and you will be measuring materials, ask them to help.  Talk with them about, how far the distance to the destination is, when you are traveling in the car.  Teach them to add up distances from one location to the other.  Review multiplication facts when you are in the car.


We will finish up our study of the universe.

Social Studies

We will study changes in our environment.

Specials' Schedule

PE (Wear tennis shoes.) and Art -Monday

Chapel and Music - Tuesday

Digital Literacy - Wednesday

Health and Library - Thursday

Spanish - Friday


Spelling Words