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Class News

Class News

Thursday, May 23rd Class party/Summer Birthdays 2:00-2:40. Parents are invited to join us for the end of the year.

Prior to our party, students wlll enjoy the 8th graders leading rotations throughout the classrooms.

Friday, May 24-  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - We will have a time in the morning for devotions and character circle just as a class.  You are welcome to pick up your student at 10:00am from the classroom when we conclude.  



Bible: Unit 33 Paul and Silas Witness

Acts 16:31 -  And they said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.










Reading/Language Arts

Story:  Cowboy

Genre:  Informational Text

Skill:  Sequence

Grammar: Commas in a series

Phonics:  -ness, -less, -able, -ible

Spelling List 1: kindness, goodness, fearless, sadness, thankless, weakness, careless, useless, darkness, sickness, helpless, fitness

Spelling List 2:  alertness, regardless, foolishness, shameless, gracefulness, awareness, craziness, effortless, emptiness, tasteless, eagerness, wireless

High-frequency words (both List 1 and List 2 will be tested on the following words) -  cattle, trails, cowboy, herd, campfire, railroad, galloped


Chapter 15:  Multiplication of 3's and 4's 

Focus:  Multiplication of 3 & 4 using skip counting and arrays

*Chapter study guides will be coming home on Monday, May 20th.  We will be testing over Chapter 15 on Tuesday.  


Science/Social Studies

Science/Social Studies Unit: 

Social Studies:  Scientists, Artists, and Inventors 

Students will learn about people from various backgrounds and cultures who made important contributions to our country.

Specials Schedule


                                 9:30-10:00                                 1:40-2:10

Monday                     Music                                       Spanish

Tuesday                    Chapel (9:25-9:55)                   Music

Wednesday               Library                                      Art

Thursday                   Spanish                                    Gym(Please have students wear tennis shoes)

Friday                        Art                                             Gym(Please have students wear tennis shoes)

LUNCH- 11:00- 11:30                                               RECESS- 11:40-12:10