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Class News

What a great first week of Kindergarten! It was so wonderful to spend time with your child this week and get to know them. We played games, explored our classroom, and spent time getting to know one another. We even went on a tour of our school to find Chester the Raccoon who disappeared from one of our Kindergarten classrooms! It is going to be a great year!

Below are a few important details about things that will be coming home in your child's yellow folder early next week. 

-"Family Times": This is a weekly guide to our reading program. It will give you information on what we are studying and ways to work with your child at home. If this paper is returned on Friday with a parent signature, your child will receive a little treat from me! 

-Math "Letter Home": This is an overview of our first chapter in math. It gives an overview of what we will be focusing on and what you can do at home to help support your child's learning. 

-ELA & Bible Verse newsletter: This page will come home each Monday. On it you will find all the things we will be working on in Language Arts and the Bible verse for the week. Bible verses will be assessed each Friday and sight words will be assessed every other Friday. 

-Be sure to send in an extra set of clothes for your child. Please put all items in a Ziploc bag with your child's name on it. 

-An Usborne book flyer will be coming home early next week with lots of great book options if you are in need of books at home. You can order easily online. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Dates to Remember:

August 19th: First full day of school

August 22nd: Curriculum Night-begins at 6:30

August 23rd: Dress down day for those who completed their summer reading (purple award certificate was sent home on Wednesday)


Lesson 1: God Made My World

Students will be able to know God Created the universe, including Adam and Eve. 

Bible Verse: Psalm 24:1a "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it."  *This will be assessed on Friday. 

Reading/Language Arts

Unit 1 Week 1 The Little School Bus

How do children get to school?

Sight Words: I, am

Amazing Words: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth

Letter Recognition: Aa, Bb, Cc, De, Ee

Comprehension Skill: Character

Conventions: learning each others names 


Chapter 1: Match, Sort, Classify

The students will be able to distinguish left and right.

The students will be able to identify similar objects and say in what way they are the same. 

The students will be able to identify objects that are different. 

The students will be able to use texture words to describe similarities and differences in objects. 

The students will be able to identify objects that go together. 


Students will meet Mrs. Manrod, our STEM teacher and have our first STEM lesson. 

Social Studies

Week 1: Rat Cage Makeover

The students will meet Revere the Rat and join him as he designs his rat cage.  Students will learn to use personal directions. 

Specials Schedule

8:45-9:25  and  11:25-12:05

Monday: Music & PE

Tuesday: Spanish & Art

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music & Art

Friday: Spanish & PE