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2018/19 CAK Outdoor Sponsorship Opportunities

CAK is proud to partner with local companies through our new corporate sponsorship program. Last year (2017) we began our program in the Warrior Stadium with options for 3’ x 6’ banners (blue background with white lettering) and scoreboard signage (full color with logo).  Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s program, we will be extending the opportunities to include a few more venues.  All banners and signs will stay up for the entire school year and pricing at each venue is based on traffic count and visibility. 

  1. Banners - In an effort to maintain a clean and consistent look, all banners will be 3x6 and will have a CAK blue background with white lettering.  The banners will stay up for the entire school year and there is no contract with our banner program (renewal will be on a yearly basis). 
  • Warrior Stadium - $1000/yr.
  • Campus Center Gym - $750/yr.
  • Soccer Stadium - $600/yr.
  • All three venues - $2000/yr. (savings of $350)
  1. Scoreboard Signage - Scoreboard signs sizes are specific to the particular venue and are in full color.  Purchasing a sign on the scoreboard includes the following: a parking pass for home games (where available), two “all sports” passes for entry into all sporting events, and a 3x6 banner that can be placed at the same venue or any other.  We have a contract with our scoreboard partners, as most commit to a multi-year partnership (example for Warrior Stadium: $3,500 for one year, $10,000 for three years or $15,000 for five years).  These signs will stay up year-round.
  • Warrior Stadium - $3,500/yr. (SOLD OUT)
  • Campus Center Gym - $3,000/yr. (1 left)
  • Soccer Stadium - $2,500/yr. (2 left)

If you are interested in future advertising opportunities at CAK, please contact Craig Collier at or 865-804-4466.