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Referral Program

Prospective Student Referral Program


The purpose of this program is to provide a discount to existing Christian Academy of Knoxville families and staff for promoting CAK and encouraging the application for Admission with others in their churches, Bible studies, families, friend groups, and workplaces. Please refer to the CAK Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and Commitment of Intent (all are clickable links) when suggesting that a family considers CAK. These documents serve as reminders of the covenant partnership among the family, their church and CAK.


1) The Program is open to ALL CAK families in good standing (children are currently enrolled; accounts are up to date) and to all current CAK staff/faculty.

2) It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S responsibility to be sure that the PROSPECTIVE FAMILY mentions this program and the Referring Family’s name during their first contact with the Admissions Office (via phone or in person). To insure this occurs, you may choose to accompany and/or assist in making their first contact. REFERRALS CAN NOT BE MADE RETROACTIVELY.

3) It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S responsibility to be sure that the PROSPECTIVE FAMILY verifies the REFERRING FAMILY’S name in the appropriate field in the online application (How did you hear about CAK? > enter first and last name of one parent of the REFERRING FAMILY). No exceptions will be made to this requirement.

4) It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S responsibility to submit a completed Student Referral Form to the Admissions Office. Until a form is available, please send an email to the Admissions Director: In the email, include your name, the name of the parents of the PROSPECTIVE FAMILY, the names and grades of the children of the PROSPECTIVE FAMILY.

5) The REFERRING FAMILY receives a $200 tuition credit for each new student that is referred to and actually enrolls in and attends Christian Academy of Knoxville. (Refer a family that enrolls two students and receive a $400 tuition credit, refer a family that enrolls three students and receive a $600 tuition credit, etc.).

6) The $200 incentive award per newly referred PreK – 12th grade student is applied twice per school year in October and March. Referred students must be enrolled at the beginning of a semester for the referring family to receive their first distribution. (If a referred student begins mid-year, the referral award distribution will begin during the second semester of enrollment.) Therefore, a family who refers one qualifying student will receive $100 in October and $100 in March for a total of $200.

7) This offer applies ONLY to NEW families applying to CAK. Younger siblings of current CAK families do not qualify.

8) There is not a limit to the number of students that a CAK family can refer in a given school year.

9) The regular enrollment criteria must be met (Application/Testing/Principal Interview and Board approval); and we consider the academic potential and spiritual partnership with each student and family.

10) Applications received after the start of school will be considered for a prorated referral incentive.

Direct questions to:  Stacey Cronan Bristow, Director of Admissions, 865-813-4CAK or