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All-inclusive* Tuition

At Christian Academy of Knoxville, we believe that investing in a high quality, Christ-centered education for your child is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give them. CAK's unique all-inclusive* tuition includes many items that are often add-ons at other independent schools. These include: 

Tuition Assistance is available! 

Tuition Information

Preschool 2-day week: $3,225
Preschool 3-day week: $4,700
Preschool 5-day week: $7,615

Kindergarten: $10,100
Pre-1st to 2nd: $11,735
3rd and 4th: $11,925
5th: $12,045

6th and 7th: $13,460
8th: $13,540

* Most activities are included in tuition. However, some elective activities are not included such as optional iPad insurance, athletic fees, extracurricular music fees (Jr. Praise, musical theatre, ensemble), senior trip, drivers ed, student parking pass, certain electives (art, music, graphic design, and photography), academic center, mission trips, aftercare, and fees for AP or dual enrollment courses. The application fee for new families is $250. The continuous enrollment fee is $250 for preschool and $500 for Kindergarten-11th grades. Learn more about continuous enrollment here.

Tuition Assistance and Discounts

Grant & Aid (Financial Assistance) 

Many CAK families qualify for our tuition assistance program, which is similar to college financial aid. Applying for financial assistance will not affect your enrollment process, and we encourage all families to apply. Find out more on our Grant & Aid page.

Apply for Tuition Assistance HERE. 



  • Those with multiple children receive 5% off the second child's tuition, 10% off the third child's tuition, and 20% off the fourth child's tuition. 
  • Pay in full by July 10th to receive a $150 discount

  • Pay by semester to receive a $50 discount ($25 credited by July 10th and $25 credited by January 10th)

  • Full-time pastors receive a 50% discount on their children's tuition 

Payment Plans

12-month payment plans are available. Students who are seniors in high school will have an 11-month payment plan.