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Christian Academy of Knoxville seeks to prepare students for a 21st Century future where technology is an integral part of their life. Our technology integrators and librarians work with teachers regularly to bring technology into the curriculum where it aids in learning, in addition to completing instruction on Digital Citizenship and research methodology with a Biblical Worldview.

Students participate in a 1-to-1 iPad program beginning in 4th grade and continuing through High School. Students in grades 4-8 are issued an iPad at the beginning of the school year to use throughout the year. Beginning in Middle School students are allowed to take their device home. 

Beginning in 2018-2019, the High School will begin transitioning to a 1-to-1 iPad program. All Freshmen in 2018-2019 will be issued a school iPad, and other grades may optionally participate or continue using their MacBook. In 2019-2020, all students in grades 4-12 will participate in the CAK iPad Program.

Students in grades PreK-3 have access to iPads in their classroom or carts available.

Students in Elementary school learn the basics of technology including keyboarding skills and how to physically use all the components of the device. Middle School students participate in a broadcasting class in 8th grade, in addition to learning technology skills through classroom integration. In the High School, a variety of advanced courses are available including AP Computer Science, Web Design, Digital Photography and Desktop publishing. Students who need additional Office Suite instruction can sign up for Computer Applications.

In addition to these devices, students utilize the following resources as part of the 21st Century classroom:

  • G Suite access (grades 3-12)
  • Office365/Microsoft Office (grades 4-12)
  • Fully wireless campus with online access in all buildings
  • Multimedia projectors and audio in all classrooms
  • Promethean interactive boards in Elementary classrooms
  • Student access to online gradebook viewing through RenWeb
  • Offsite filtering for all school-issued iPads
  • iMac lab in the High School for advanced instruction
  • MacBook cart in the Middle School