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Technology at Christian Academy of Knoxville is integrated into instruction where appropriate in order to enhance the student’s education. The school recognizes that technology will only continue to be more integrated into all areas of life and therefore seeks to provide the student with Biblical knowledge and training with regards to the use of technology in his or her life. The goal of the technology program at CAK is to prepare students to use technology in college and beyond as part of the Body of Christ and the greater Christian community.

At the Pre-K and elementary levels, students integrate iPads throughout the curriculum to enhance classroom learning and develop basic technology skills. A wide variety of apps are utilized to build on the foundations of the classroom curriculum, as well as developing critical thinking skills through using the multimedia tools such as the camera and microphone. Keyboarding skills also start in Elementary school using the iPad. Additionall, students in grades 4-5 benefit from a 1-to-1 iPad program where the students have their own device for the year.

At the Middle School level, 6th graders enjoy an integrated technology course where skills are taught hand in hand with classroom curriculum. iPads are available in 6th and 7th grade classrooms and are used to help students synthesize information and display understanding of material in the classroom. Students in 8th grade are immersed in a 1-to-1 MacBook environment where online tools are heavily utilized. 

At the High School level, more advanced courses in technology are offered, including Web Design, Digital Photography and Desktop Publishing. Students are expected to be proficient in the use of general office suite software (word processing, presentation and spreadsheets) and in keyboarding. Courses are available to become proficient in these areas if needed. Students in High School actively use their own MacBook on a daily basis to support classroom instruction and prepare students for the college environment using a wide variety of cloud-based tools and applications.

Recognizing technology is a key part of a student’s education, the school works to maintain a modern technological campus in order to provide the best possible instruction.

The campus includes the following technologies:

  • G Suite (Google Apps) for grades 3-12
  • Office365 available to all students
  • 1:1 iPad program in grades 4-5
  • 1:1 MacBook program in grades 8-12
  • Fully wireless campus with internet access in all classrooms
  • MacBook cart and iPad carts available in Middle School
  • iPads available in every Elementary classroom
  • iMac lab in High School for advanced courses
  • Promethean interactive whiteboards in all Elementary and some Middle school classrooms