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High School Faculty

  Name Title
Rosie Abrams Abrams, Rosie Spanish
Sara Baker Baker, Sara English
Christa Bennett Bennett, Christa History
Laura Berube Berube, Laura English
Amy Brock Brock, Amy HS Music
Anthony Burns Burns, Anthony Warrior Network
Bonney Daves Daves, Bonney Math
Todd Fife Fife, Todd Art and Technology
Abigail Graves Graves, Abigail Math
Diana Holden Holden, Diana Director of Libraries
Larry Holden Holden, Larry Teacher
Caitlin Hollifield Hollifield, Caitlin Assistant Director of Athletics
Lindsey Houbre Houbre, Lindsey English
Ashley Hughey Hughey, Ashley Math
Bart Kareken Kareken, Bart History
Shande King King, Shande Math/French
Chandra Milam Milam, Chandra Science
Margaret Moran Moran, Margaret High School Art
Travis Mozingo Mozingo, Travis History
Danny Mull Mull, Danny Band Director
Gloria Murff Murff, Gloria French
Pamela Neu Neu, Pamela Bible
Sue Novikoff Novikoff, Sue Math
Sam Ostransky Ostransky, Sam Bible
Stephen Otis Otis, Stephen Bible
Dan Perryman Perryman, Dan HS Assistant Principal/History
Justin Phillips Phillips, Justin Bible
Camy Pollard Pollard, Camy Science
Colin Roberts Roberts, Colin English
Lou-Ann Rogers Rogers, Lou-Ann English
Andrew Sharpe Sharpe, Andrew Spanish
Lisa Siard Siard, Lisa Science
Susan Stanford Stanford, Susan Bible
Julie Steimer Steimer, Julie Math
Roger Toler Toler, Roger Wellness/Business
Sarah Traylor Traylor, Sarah Science
Kevin Winslett Winslett, Kevin History
Scott Wright Wright, Scott Science
Bill Young Young, Bill Math

High School


Donald Snider, Principal
Dan Perryman, Assistant Principal

High School

Support Staff

Dixie Fentress,
Administrative Assistant
Nancy Moore,
Director of School Counseling
College Counselor
Pamela Kilburn,
School Counselor
Barb Houser,
Counseling Administrative Assistant
Shelly Jost
Learning Center Coordinator
Cyndi Dodson,
Summer Camps