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Capstone Project & Community Service

View this 2017-18 Capstone RoundUp link for summaries of prior Capstone Projects.


Freshman - 10 hours on campus
Sophomores - 10 hours off campus
Juniors - Begin Capstone Project - Capstone/Leadership Class - one semester. Juniors, you may contact Mrs. Susan Stanford at if you have any questions.
Seniors - Complete Capstone Project, turn in written paper and give presentation; Any questions about Capstone, Seniors please contact Mrs. Pamela Neu at

Dear CAK Parents:

Paul asks all of us in Ephesians 6:7 to “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.” Likewise, CAK believes community service should create a meaningful experience of seeing God at work through the student’s service for others. Each CAK student will experience a four-year program of Biblical studies and community service. This document will summarize what is required for graduation concerning community service.

9th Grade 
The students need to do 10 hours of community service on campus, anytime from June after 8th grade to August prior to their sophomore year.  Service can take place in the elementary, middle and high school campuses, and hours can be earned by serving numerous after-school events like Curriculum Night, Welcome Dinners, Fine Arts, summer camps, athletic events, etc. Students should look for ways to serve and check RenWeb for announcements.

10th Grade 
Sophomores need to do 10 hours of community service off campus from June after 9th grade to August prior to 11th grade. Service can be for any ministry that serves others, including hospitals, nursing homes, mission trips, inner-city, faith based ministries, or other charitable organizations.  While helping elderly relatives or neighbors is a very good thing and should be done, it is not what would be considered off-campus ministries.  If you have a question, please contact Mrs. Fentress at

11th Grade 
For the junior class, the students will receive instruction in the Capstone/Leadership Class and mentoring for their Capstone Project. Capstone is a service project each student will create, plan, and implement during their junior and senior years. They will be asked to structure their projects to their own spiritual gifts and abilities. Use this link to print the 17-18 Junior Capstone Proposal Form.

The Capstone Project is similar to an Eagle Scout project in its scope and scale. It is best to use an example to explain. If a student has the gift of compassion and working with underprivileged people, they might want to hold a Knoxville Winter Coat Drive. Here is a link to the description of the what is involved in the Capstone Project. 

12th Grade 

Completion of the Capstone Project meets the community service requirement for seniors. Use this link to access the 17-18 Senior Capstone Proposal Form. Seniors will be expected to give a professional presentation of their project to a small group of administrators, parents and students during one of the presentation dates offered to them during senior year. The written project requirements are here. The Capstone Project is required for Graduation.

Closing Thoughts
We strongly encourage voluntary service at any time and for any ministry even if that service is outside the school requirements – we certainly embrace this in our Christian walk. We urge all students and families to pursue service opportunities that complement the way the Lord has gifted them. This additional service should be documented by the student to be included in college applications and not turned into CAK.

We are very pleased with the results of the Capstone Project. The goals are numerous: to give CAK students the opportunity to live what they are learning in the teachings of Christ, to allow them to use their gifts in a profound way, to have a life-changing experience, to prepare them for life beyond school walls, to allow them to see Christ in themselves – we see this as a culmination of the educational experience at CAK.

Jesus called us to love and serve others – this is what embodies the servant leader. As a student progresses from 9th to 10th grade, they will do service on our campus and then in the greater Knoxville area. The Capstone Project allows them to go deeper into their passion for service in a particular area.

We appreciate your support of the these experiences at CAK.

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