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Christian Academy of Knoxville’s Preschool provides a developmentally-appropriate Christian environment for exposure to academics, fine motor and gross motor development, and social interactions.


  • To encourage a love of learning;

  • To provide a daily balance of both teacher-initiated and student-directed activities;

  • To encourage independent decision-making and problem-solving; and

  • To provide opportunities for participation in music, library, Spanish, art and physical education.


Our classes utilize the Bob Jones University curriculum, and our staff develops the material around both the three-day (M, W, F) and two-day (Tues., Thurs.) programs. Each set of material will also accommodate a students’ learning if enrolled in a full, five-day program. 

Typical Day may include: 

  • Centers for individual or small group participation, located in selected areas of the classrooms.

  • Technology as a part of student learning.

  • Bible lesson and weekly Bible memory verse.

  • Each day begins with devotions and a Bible lesson.

  • A 'special' class, which could be music, library, Spanish, art or physical education.

3-year-old class:

  • Language arts activities such as name and letter recognition.
  • Math skills involving counting and sorting, number recognition, shapes, and colors.
  • Students must turn 3 by March 31 prior to starting school in August; no exceptions.

4-year-old class: 

  • Language arts activities include: letter recognition, pre-reading activities, correct penmanship practice, and listening (to stories, directions, and music).
  • Math skills include counting and sorting, number recognition, and number associations.
  • Students must turn 4 by August 15.

5-year-old class: 

  • A transitional option for older 4-year-old and younger 5-year-old students
  • Language arts activities include: letter recognition, pre-reading activities, sight words, correct penmanship practice, memorization of poems, rhymes and jingles.
  • Math skills include counting and sorting, patterns, number recognition, and number associations.


8:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Schedule options:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Tuesday, Thursday
  • Monday - Friday

All students staying after 1 p.m. will go to CAK's Aftercare program (additional fee). The Pre-K program follows CAK's calendar for start/end of school, attendance, holidays, and in-service/staff development days.

Enrollment & Participation: 

To enroll, parents must submit a completed application with all required forms. After review of the application, a family interview takes place followed by a recommendation to our Board of Trustees. 

Students must be:

  • age 3 by March 31 to be considered for the 3-year-old classroom

  • age 4 by August 15 to be considered for the 4-year-old or 5-year-old classrooms (see above)

  • Potty-trained to take care of toileting needs

  • Able to dress themselves with little assistance

  • Respectful of the authority of adults

  • Considerate of classmates

Tuition & Fees:

Parents can choose a two-day, three-day, or five-day program, all with varying tuition costs. Click here to see current tuition rates. Payments can be made annually, semi-annually, or monthly. A separate fee is assessed for students staying past the 1 p.m. dismissal time, which places them in our Aftercare program. Financial assistance, the pastoral discount and the multi-child discount do NOT apply to Pre-K students attending less than five days per week.