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A systematic curriculum in Bible, reading readiness, language, writing, and math is taught in Kindergarten and Pre-First. Science and social studies are basic as integrated units of other areas of the curriculum. Music, art, Spanish, library, and physical education are provided weekly for instruction and enjoyment. Technology is integrated into the curriculum, primarily in cooperative learning, small-group settings. Curriculum-related field trips and fine arts performances are incorporated throughout the year. All truth is taught as God's truth as He is related to every aspect of the curriculum.

In the elementary school (Grades 1-5), primary emphasis is placed on the student's attainment of basic skills in language arts (including phonics/reading skills, spelling and writing) and mathematics. Spiritual development, the student's acceptance of himself/herself as one uniquely created by God, social skills, and development of a strong foundation for later concentrated study in the social and physical sciences also receive major attention. Music, art, health, physical education and Spanish are provided weekly. Library classes are available weekly for all elementary grades. Digital literacy is more focused, intentional and personalized in grades 2-5 with the assistance of Technology Integrators working with students in the classroom. Curriculum-related field trips and fine arts performances are incorporated throughout the year.

Parents receive evaluation of their child's academic accomplishment through report cards each nine weeks, regular conferences and via RenWeb, our online student management system, which allows parents access to their child’s grades. The system of grading is reviewed below.

Students are assessed on daily assignments, projects and labs. Grades, which are recorded and shared with parents, are averaged as part of the child’s overall grade each quarter.

Oral and written tests are given when teachers determine that tests will assist in the evaluation of the learning process. Evaluations are both formative and summative in nature.

To ensure complete understanding and communication, mid-term notices are sent to all parents of children in grades 4-5 containing grades and conduct notations the middle of each quarter.

Report cards, completed every nine weeks, contain grades for academic achievement and conduct, together with teacher notation regarding effort and other matters of importance. Report cards are available via RenWeb, our online student management system, each nine weeks. A final report card will be mailed home at the end of the school year.