Greetings from the Board!


As we are about to begin a new school year, we wanted to take a moment and let you know about some of the things that the Board of Trustees has done during the past year. The Board began 2014-15 by examining where we are as a school. We are now approaching 38 years since our inaugural school year in 1977, and CAK has obviously changed in many ways, so the Board wanted to step back and re-evaluate what kind of school we are now and what we want to be in the future. Therefore, we spent a significant amount of time during the fall of 2014 having meaningful conversations around such questions as “what are CAK’s distinctives?” and “what do we want to stand for?”

The result of those conversations was a reaffirmation by the Board that CAK is and will continue to be a covenant Christian school. As a result, we have tightened our admissions policies to place a greater emphasis on attracting families that are a “mission appropriate fit” for CAK. The Board agreed that this is a “stake in the ground” issue, one that we are not willing to let be changed even as the school continues to develop into a more complete and mature school. The covenant aspect of our school is clearly a distinctive that sets us apart from other Christian schools in the Knoxville area, and the Board is committed to protecting this very important aspect of the school.

During the past year we have also revised the school’s mission statement. While our mission has not changed, our new mission statement now more concisely reflects our mission. Specifically, it states “The mission of CAK is to partner with Christian families to provide a comprehensive college preparatory education from a biblical worldview in a Christ centered environment.” In addition to a revised mission statement, the Board also approved a new school motto – “Servants. Scholars. Disciples.” We are currently developing a Profile of a CAK Graduate, which will expand upon the three attributes of the motto that we desire our students to possess.

We have also had meaningful conversations about exactly what we mean when we say we are seeking excellence at CAK. Specifically, we have defined excellence around the following areas:

  • Relationships and community
  • Continual improvement
  • A willingness and desire to be different
  • Leaving a legacy and impact on our community
  • Strong leadership
  • Teachers investing in the lives of students

The Board has spent considerable time focusing on CAK’s value proposition. We realize that families make a significant investment in their children when they send them to CAK, and we are committed to ensuring that our families are receiving an educational value that reflects a positive return on their investment.

Finally, we wanted to hear from you, the CAK families, about your experiences at the school. So in late January, we invited you to provide your feedback in an anonymous survey. We received some very valuable feedback from you, including positive things we are doing well and constructive criticism of areas in which we need to improve. We really appreciate all of your comments and thank all of those who participated in the survey. We continue to evaluate the survey responses and will focus considerable time on them this summer as we begin to make plans for our Board work for the coming year.

This may already be more than you ever wanted to know about the Board’s activities, but we just wanted to share with you what we have been doing. God has richly blessed CAK over the years, and we look forward to what He has in store for the school in the coming years.


Terry L. Neal
Chairman, Board of Trustees

2016-17 Board of Trustees

Dr. Paul Brady
Mr. Will Ferguson
(Vice President)
Mr. Lewis Frazer
Mr. Cliff Helton
Dr. Evelyn Homan
Mrs. Jennifer Little
Dr. Paul Metler
Dr. Terry Neal
Mr. Monty Scott
Dr. Charlie Shields
Mr. Jim Simpson
Mr. Ashley Wyatt
Mr. Bob Neu 
(Head of School: ex officio, 
non-voting member)